Hi. I’m Sara and I teach 8th grade math in North Carolina. I started out teaching Algebra I then added 8th Grade Math and then added Geometry. Geometry then morphed temporally to Algebra 2 which I LOVED.  The course names I teach now are NC Integrated Math 1 and NC Integrated Math 2.

This is a second career for me. For 15 years I worked in the retirement benefits consulting industry. I then took a few years off while my kids were middle schoolers. (That’s when they need you.) I spent a lot of time at my daughter’s school and my husband told me if I was going to spend that much time at school, I needed to get paid for it. I bid farewell to the PTA and attended UNCG to earn my masters in Middle Grades Math. That was fun and I loved it. I started working at the school I am at today in 2006.

My school has about 1,000 students in grades 6 through 8. Due to urban sprawl the school setting is a mix of suburban and rural households.

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  1. I glad to meet you thru your blog. I started teaching just 6 years ago after A Grad Cert program following a career in Investment Brokerage. Similarly, my husband told me to make working at our daughter’s middle school a paid job, LOL! Teaching is way more difficult then any other high paid job I’ve fulfilled in the past. Less money, much harder work!, Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Hi! I found your blog while looking up info on the Open Up curriculum (I’m implementing it in my classroom this year) & had a couple questions if you wouldn’t mind answering them? I looked for a contact email but since I couldn’t find one I hoped leaving a comment would be the best avenue! It probably shows you my email but just in case it doesn’t, webb@goasa.org. Thanks either way, reading about your excitement with the curriculum has made me more excited!


  3. Hello, I came across your blog because I was looking for information on Illustrative Math, which my school will be implementing for the first time this year. I see that you teach IM8- I will be teaching IM7. I love that you made Powerpoints for each lesson. I wanted to know if someone in your school has done the same for the seventh grade course. I would love to have access to any materials. Thank you so. much!


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