Pimp My Worksheet

This is just the start of what I hope becomes an amazing collection! Have an idea or a link? Please share and I’ll add it here!

http://quizizz.com This a my new favorite. If your school is one-to-one this is a must. Better than cahoot because the kids see the questions on their own device.

Connect 4. 16 problems. Minimal set-up. Works on any topic. Thanks mathbythemountain! Game on!

Kahoot. Kids love it! Quick for review, but not recommended for those who need quiet think time.

Mountain Climber Graduated problems and team work; also mathematical discourse and engagement. Nice! Thanks Kathryn for Mountain Climber!

Auction Students must compare features of equations or functions or whatever you are auctioning that day! Auction rules and instructions. Thanks Sarah!

Trashketball First read about this a couple years ago. It’s a favorite! Trashketball rules. Thanks Julie!

War: The card game only the cards are mathematical expressions that are comparable. War directions. Thanks Denise!

Scavenger Hunt

Bingo: Take any computation worksheet with 25-30 problems. Have kids make a 5 by 5 bingo board and randomly number 24 of the squares (1-24 or 1-30 leaving out any 6) and putting a free space. Use a random number generator and pick a problem number from the sheet. Students do the problem and put the answer in the box that had that problem number. Once a student has 5 boxes in a row, they call out BINGO! The answers are checked silently by me. I’ll tell the student if she/he is correct and award a prize or indicate which problem(s) has an error so it can be fixed. I usually get about 4 winners before I call the game. This gets most of the problems covered. I can also “cheat” if there is a problem I was to be certain gets covered.

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